It's all about the drugstore FACE

Okay, I know it feels amazing when you come from the spa after having an express facial, free from make up and dirt and you feel like you can conquer the world right? Well why can't you feel like this at home with drugstore products that are totally affordable? Well you can.

I am going to share with you my daily facial routine, my routine is for oily skin.
I hope you take a read at this post and take some tips because I have learnt my perfect skincare routine by using Google and trying out different products.

The first thing you need to do is find out what type of skin you have, this will decide what products you will need to by, because you can't use an oil based moisturiser if you have oily skin?

 The first thing you need to do for your face is cleansing, this will remove any make-up or oils you may have on your face, you must do this because if you have debris on your face then the products you are about to put on will not work, plus all the make-up will get into your pours, and that is how you get spots and blackheads! Your skin will also feel so clean and smooth and you will receive maximum benefits from the other products you will be using.
The cleansing product that I use and recommend is Garnier simple essentials soothing comforting cleansing lotion, this is amazing, it does not sting your eyes, it is exactly like water with a hint of what ever scent you get.

Now it's time to move onto toner, this is to remove the very last of any make-up on your skin, it will also repair any redness and blemishes, it will restore hydration. If you have oily skin like I do, by using toner you will start to see smaller pores.
The toner I use is Simple kind to skin facial toner, Its cheep and you still see the same results as a high-end toner.

My favourite part, exfoliate! I love how the tiny bits of rough sand like balls clean all your pours, removes built up dead skin cells, This will also help when using fake tan, even though I have awfully oily skin, I also suffer with eczema and I often get dried skin patches and they absorb all the fake tan and makes it very uneven. The exfoliant I use is Clean and clear shine control daily facial scrub.

The last step is moisturiser, I have to get one with no oil in it so it benefits my skin because my skin produces enough oil, but if you have dry skin then I suggest that you get an oil based moisturiser!
I use Clean and clear duel action oil free moisturiser, It is not strongly perfumed as that would make my eczema come out pretty bad, it's just suttle and leaves my skin feeling fresh and not wanting to put make-up on ever again!!

This is my daily skincare routine which I live by, yours may be different depending on your skin type but if you have oily skin then maybe try this routine, all of these products are under £10 and you can find them in boots/superdrug, 
So sit back and relax with a class of prosecco and cucumbers on your eyes and give yourself your own little express facial!
Thank you for reading xxxxx


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