So, almost every girl blogger I have come across over the internet loves Lush, or should I say, every girl in the female population loves lush? who wouldn't, their natural handmade products are to die for, well, not literally.

I have bought a few things from Lush over the years, not as much as I would like to because I do not have a lush in my town, so I either have to hop on the bus to Chester, or order on line, but I don't get the same feeling as I do when I enter a Lush shop and get bombarded with the scent of blissfulness. I also like going into the store because the staff are so helpful and nothing is too much trouble for them, they greet you in such a friendly manner and offer to help you straight away, great customer service Lush!!

So I was thinking of doing maybe a review on the products I have bought in my lifetime? well here goes...

My all time favourite must be the ''Rockstar'' bar soap ''Smells like teen spirit'' this was my first ever lush buy and I purchase this every time when I visit lush, The smell lingers on your skin for the whole day after using it, and it lasts a long time!! The strong vanilla and fruity smell will take you away onto another planet, you will not want to get out of the bath if the scent has taken to the water! and it is only £3.40 a 100g!

Now onto lips! I love anything bubblegum, so I thought the best way to enjoy my favourite flavour was to get a lip scrub? you could even lick this one off your lips! But it didn't taste as nice as I thought it should have, it had a strong taste to it and I couldn't lick of the access. It comes in a cute little glass pot and lasts a while and its small enough to fit into any sized bag! This lip scrub was around the £5 mark when I purchased it.

The last product I am going to talk about is a product under the name of jelly babies! its a shower wash which is an actually block of jelly, the one that I am going to recommend is called ''Sweetie Pie'' This is a purple jelly with glitter inside it, it actually does smell like sweets you would eat as a kid, This has to be Lush's best invention yet. thank you to whoever made this! The strong scent of cherries while washing yourself is unbearable, I have had mine for a good 9 months and its still going strong, the best bit about the jellies is that you can cut little bits off if you do not want to use the whole jelly at once. This was around the £6 mark. I am so sad to say this item is now discounted :-(

Here is just a few of my favourite items that I have bought from Lush, please take a look into them on your next trip! Thank you for reading and please comment your favourite Lush purchases as I would love to try different ones! xxxxxx


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