20 facts about me!

So, Ok, I have seen a lot of videos on Youtube about facts about people, but I have not got my new camera yet so I decided to just do 20 facts on here, and then when I get my new camera I will do the full 50!

1) I am currently studying Childcare and Education Level 3 at Coleg Cambria :-)
2) I am half Irish, and half Welsh
3) My hobby since I was very little is morris dancing, love it!
4) I am a very shy person until you get to know me, I like to keep myself to myself
5) I worry about the tiniest little things
6) I used to work in Subway as a sandwich artist, Picasso over here
7) My first ever job was a waitress at a hotel, I hated it
8) I have been with my boyfriend ever since I was 15, naw young love
9) I am a very stubborn person
10) But my boyfriend is more stubborn!
11) When I was younger I wanted to be an artist, I went onto college to study art but it weren't me
12) I cracked my head open on a metal bin in primary school
13) I have a spray tanning kit which I have only used once, I need to go on a course!
14) I'm a very chilled person, I can party, but I would much rather a film and a take away on the sofa
15) I have been bullied a lot of my life
16) It took me a good few months to decide to start a blog, i'm not doing too well at it haha
17) I have been to over 10 different countries multiple times
18) I can do gel and acrylic nails
19) I won tickets to the X-Factor final in 2012, it was amazing
20) I only have diddy size 4 feet!

Share with me some facts about you! I always love reading and watching people tell me there facts xxxx


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