pawb y prynhawn da !!! ☀️🏊🍴⛵️⚓️

I bet some of you are wondering why my blogpost title is in welsh, well, I am welsh myself, born in wakes, raised in wales and just come back from a lovely few day holiday in wales.

I do not speak fluent welsh, although I wish I did😔 but I don't, so I try my best to use some welsh words everyday, wether it's to say good morning (bora da) please (os gwelwch yn dda) thanks (diolch) I admit us welsh from the north speak very little welsh and it's really sad, but the past few days I went on holiday to Anglesey in a caravan and hearing the locals speak welsh is so moving, it's nice how our language is still alive in some places.

My holiday in Anglesey was lovely, the campsite we stayed at was so peaceful and quiet, the beach was just a 5 minute walk away and it was filled with washed up jelly fish and beautiful shells, it really was the perfect welsh sea side holiday, all I needed was some ice cream and chips.

I know September is still classed as summer but I always thought it would be freezing by the sea, no, I was wrong, it was so hot, I was gutted I didn't bring more summer clothing, I had the odd skirt but I brought leggings and tights because I honestly though I'd need to wear them.

Look at this poor fella' here, I'm not sure if that's actually blood around him or if he's just a red jelly fish, there was a few dotted up and down the beach.

Even thought it was a relaxed holiday there is quite a lot to do, other than waterspouts in the sea, there's a cute light house near Holyhead, and it ain't half a treck but my little size 4 feet handled it pretty good and my feet and legs are not hurting! Woo go me! We went to see the light house a bit late because it was closed because they had to do some maintenance on it. I did manage to get my ice cream here though!

And what better way to end a busy fun packed day to a nice meal in a homely pub, I had a meal called the mega burger, it was a 10oz burger topped with salad, cheese and onion rings with a load of chips! I had to ask for some sweet chilli sauce though because that's my fave!

Well that was my holiday! Hope you liked reading this blogpost and if you wouldn't mind please share it and maybe check out my other posts! 😁💕 xxxxxx


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