My daily facial routine.

I am no expert with skin care, but I feel like I am an expert with my own skin, I know what products work well with my skin and helps me have as little break out as possible, I think my make up goes on better when iv done this facial routine. So I thought I would share some of my skin care tips.
- Each of these products can be bought at your local drug store or from the Avon catalogue, they are each under the £10 mark so really affordable.

1) The first thing I like to do is to wet my face with warm water and start to take all my make up off if I have any on at the time,  if not I like to go straight onto cleansing to get any excess make up off that I may of missed or might be stuck in my hair line. The warm water helps open up my pores. For cleansing I use the soap and glory 4 in 1 cleansing milk, I use this in the mornings to help my skin look radiant and more bright. I massage it into my face and rinse off with luke warm water.
The thing I love about this cleanser is that it can be used to suit all skin types, I naturally have oily skin but some days it can also be quite dry and I feel like this soap and glory moisturises as well as cleans my skin.
It's been made to purify, clarify, dissolve make-up, smooth and energize your skin.

2) After my skin is feeling clean I use cotton pads to spread toner over my face, the product I use is the simple kind to skin soothing facial toner. This is the best toner I have ever used, I have used some high end toners and they have stung and burnt my skin and felt quite acidic on my face, but this is just like putting light perfumed water on my face. One iv done this I gently pat my face dry with a clean towel. The toner helps to even your skin tone out, also removing any oils and dirt clogging in your pores.

 3) Once my face is spotless I like to tackle my pores and blackheads with this pore penetrating scrub that I got from the Avon. It has a mint scent and makes my skin tingle and feel very fresh! I use an foliating glove, I try not to scrub too hard because I do not want to damage the surface of my skin.
The small hard balls in the scrub helps remove dirt in my pores.

4) After my skin has had the works done to it I like to finish it off with a light moisturiser by Simple, this hydrates my skin and doesn't irritate it either, as I have eczema and can get flare ups with certain moisturisers so trying to find one that doesn't do that was a mission!

Thank you for reading this post, if you have tips to give me or any recommendations about products that you use then please let me know, I'll be willing to try new products. 
Reag xxxxxx


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