My favourite places in North Wales

I love living in Wales, I love being Welsh, I love telling people I'm from Wales, I love the people, the towns, the scenery, everything about Welsh culture I love.
In this post I will be sharing my top 3 favourite places to go in north wales, these are all very close to where I live so it's a bonus for me!

#1 - Llangollen.
Llangollen is only 20 minutes in the car from where I live, it's a small village/town in north wales that has lots of things to do. They have a Welsh eisteddfod in the summer, the Thomas the tank engine train, the beautiful river that flows straight threw is the best thing about llan, in the summer everybody gets the bus to llan just to go in the river and to sunbath on the beautiful rocks beside it.
I went to llan today with my boyfriend and we had the most beautiful mapel suryp waffle with cream! It was to die for as it was a rainy day (it rains most days in wales) and a hot waffle was the perfect way to warm up. If you haven't been to llan please go! You'll defiantly come back with a sheep or Welsh lady suvonyier. Check out the mountains that surround it to! Breath taking!

#2 - Bala.
Like Llangollen, it's another small town with lots of Welsh culture, small trinket shops and stalls, but the most amazing thing about Bala is the stunning Bala lake! It's huge! There is lots of water sports you can do on the lake which is so much fun! Or you could just eat a lovely homemade picnic watching the water sway back and forth, it's so relaxing.

#3 - Barmouth.
Everybody knows Barmouth, it's everyone's childhood holiday resort. The golden sands, the small fair with the famous caterpillar ride that's still going strong more than 20 years later. Fish and chips by the sea side and even the seagulls make it good.
On a hot summers day Barmouth is so busy, everybody in North Wales makes use of the gorgeous beach (by getting sunburnt like I did 3 years ago!)

If you have ever been anywhere in Wales that you think is awesome then let me know and I'll see if I have been too! These are just my top 3, I have so many fave places in Wales such as Llandudno and Conway!
See you all soon xxxxxxxx


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