Overcome bullying.

I have just read a comment about a 14 year old girl feeling suicidal to get away from the bullying she is facing. I told her things will get better, I know when you're in that position you feel like the bullying will never stop, so I decided to do this post to show her that she is not the only girl going threw this.

This is the last post I ever thought of writing, but I feel like this could really help this girl, so I'm going to share my experience being bullied.

My days at primary school were amazing, I wasn't the skinniest of kids, or the prettiest, but everyone was nice to me, kids in those days did not care what you looked like, but I feel as time goes on, cases of bullying is happening to younger children each year, It wasn't until I got to high school people started to pick out my flaws, like I said, I was a bit big, full face of freckles and was a timid girl, I think that's why I was more of a target.

Everyone gets teased once in their lives, and that's what I kept telling myself but the bullying got worse, everyday it was happening, my mum spoke to the parents, the school and nothing was done, I got made to feel like it was my fault because I wouldn't stick up for myself. I used to lie to my mum and say I was ill so I wouldn't have to go to school, but she knew something was up.

Enough was enough, I asked my mum to move school and she let me, I couldn't believe the bullies got to me that much that I had to leave my friends in my own school and to go to a new school. The shy timid girl going to a new school because I was bullied, I didn't want people to laugh at me.

I was so nervous that I would get bullied in my new school, I was going to be the new girl, I didn't want to be bullied again, so I changed my personality, I became more confident and loud, no one ever picks on the confident and loud person, they would be too afraid.

My life in my new school was amazing, I made great life long friends, I met my boyfriend who I am still with now four years later, I won prom queen at our prom, I felt so beautiful that night, I never thought once about those who used to bully me, calling me fat and ugly. I showed them, only if they could see how happy I was on that night.

If you are a victim of bullying, I want you to know that you are not alone, tell somebody, it will get sorted, and it will get better, but you have to let it get better, don't give up. One thing I would say to those bullies is Thank you, thank you for making me the person I am now, I am a confident young woman who is going somewhere in life, I have a good job, I'm hopefully off to university next year if I get the grades I need, and I WILL get them, and I'm just overall happy.


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