My fake tan routine!

Those who know me know that I LOVE fake tan, I always wear it, and have many different fake tans in my bedroom. So I am going to share with you what I use and the process I go threw to make sure my tan goes right!
The first thing I like to do is take a bath or a shower and exfoliate my face and body. This helps me to remove any tan from before, also getting rid of dead skin cells which may clog up my fake tan and make it look really patchy. I like to use soap and glory ''Scrub of your life'' for my body, I use it with an exfoliating mit. I had this in my soap and glory Christmas gift set and I swear by it! It smells amazing! 

For my face I like to use Huygens face scrub! This is more sensitive than the soap and glory scrub because it is for my face, I do not use an exfoliating mit for my face because it would probably damage my skin, so I use a cleaning brush I got from KIKO cosmetics. This was only around £5.

After I have exfoliated, I pat my skin dry so I can then use a moisturiser to give moisture to any dry patches I may have, I suffer a lot with dry elbows and dry knees, so I take extra time moisturising these areas. I just use a coco butter from boots. Nothing too oily or perfumed because I don't want my eczema flaring up.
I suffer with severe dry skin on my hands so as well as my steroid cream from the doctors I like to use my No7 intense day hand cream.

After my moisturisers are all dry it is time to tan! The tan I have been loving at the moment is the Rimmel London Sun Shimmer self tanning mousse. Although I have a spray tanning kit, tanning mousses have to be my favourite formula, they are easy to apply and dry fast. I got it in the darkest one as I like to look really tanned, but it doesn't make my skin look orange. I apply my tan using rubber gloves or a fake tanning mit from any drugstore such as savers, boots and super-drug.

Once my tan is all dried I like to put a small layer of tinted body cream on my arms and chest, just for that extra glow and shimmer, I got this one out of my monthly Birchbox, if you are not subscribed to them, then you need to be, it's worth it! 

I then get a quick shower the day after just to make my tan look more natural.

Thanks for reading, xxxxxxx


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