Top 5 berry lipsticks for Autumn

When Autumn comes around I love changing my everyday make up. The matte skin and dark berry lips go so well together. Over the year I have been collecting a fair few different berry lipsticks so I would love to share with you my top five!

Avon Cosmetics Berry Blaze

All of the colours are VERY similar, but also very different, I always go towards matte lipsticks or liquid lipsticks as I feel like they last a lot longer. 

What will your lips look like this Autumn? 



  1. I wish I could pull off berry lips, I love the colours I just don't think they suit me at all! Even though I keep buying them in the hope that one day I'll actually gain the confidence to leave the house wearing one hahahah!

    I love Mac Sin, looks a beautiful colour :)

    Kayla |


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