10 things I want to achieve in 2017

I'm not someone who's new years resolutions revolve around, losing weight, joining the gym, eating healthily. I'm far too lazy to get up every morning to go to the gym haha!
So I have decided to set myself ten goals that I want to achieve and develop in 2017..

1) Pass my driving test. I am my own nightmare. I have passed my theory and have done a lot of lessons. I just need to carry on doing them and stop having breaks in between!
2) Get more organised with my YouTube videos. I have no set days for when my videos go up. I just upload them.
3) Gain confidence. This is a major one. I am a trainee teacher and confidence in a major key skill, I need to be able to speak infront of a class, to parents, other multi-agencies.
4) Get the grade I need to get myself into university. The grade I need to get into Chester University is a C, I am going to aim for a B or even an A. Always aim higher and you won't fail.
5) Be more independent. Stand on my own two feet and think for myself.
6) To be more organised with my college / uni work! I hate being behind but I can't help it!
7) To save more money, I need to open a savings account!
8) Girly holiday! Me and my friends are going to Magaluf in July. Going to be so much fun!
9) Be more happy, this is so important to me, I have been so miserable the past year and I always put myself down.
10) Say YES. I need to stop being so scared to say yes to new opportunities.


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