Dealing with a busy lifestyle

Having a lazy day is seen as a luxury when you're a student with a part time job, so finding the time to just lounge about is very important. I'm going to share with you my tips how to keep up with a busy lifestyle and how I find the time to have a ''lazy day'' once in a while.. Here's just three tips I use.

1) The most obvious way to keep organised is getting yourself a diary, I feel like using a diary just helps me plan for the week/'s ahead. Even if I just use one for jotting down my shifts at work, it helps me not to forget (I am VERY forgetful and have turned up to work on the wrong day before now!)

2) Take 5! Just a simple five minutes to yourself while you have a cup of tea or read a quick article from your favourite magazine can totally distress you. Everyone needs five minutes to themselves sometimes, even the most busiest of people!

3) Tick lists is a good way of keeping up to date with all of your work, even though I am behind with assignments I feel like tick lists make it everything look more organised and less scary!


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