Dealing with Psoriasis

I feel like now is the time to talk about and to teach people about what I have going on with my skin, this may stop people from asking me ''what is with your skin?'' ''have you been cutting yourself?''. I have been putting up with these comments since last July 2016.

I'm going to take you right to the beginning, from when I was a baby.
I have always had eczema, ever since birth it has been a big problem of my life, but I have always been able to control it with all the different steroid creams and ointments I have been given. I used to get eczema in the usual places such as my inner elbows, scalp, back of the knees and between my legs on my thighs.
Eczema is super itchy and it is really hard to not scratch, it can also look pretty nasty, but I just got on with it.

In previous years my eczema hasn't really effected my life as much as it has for other people, I feel I have been really lucky. Yeah, Iv had to get steroid cream before going in the sea when I have been on holiday but other than that I have been quite lucky.

In July last year I noticed my hands were getting really swollen and I couldn't even bend my fingers to clench my fist, I went straight to the doctors, they took bloods ect, everything was fine.
A few weeks after I start getting really dry hands, they went back rather quickly and was cracking, I put this down to opening cardboard boxes in work, so I went back to the doctors to get some barrier cream.
The amount of creams I have tried for the past nine months is unreal, you name it, I'v tried it.

My doctor gave me a sick note for work because it got really bad, that didn't help, I was just losing out on money, I was getting so stressed and depressed, why me? at the age of 19 having to live with something like this.

Nothing was working for me, I started to get really sore feet as well, they were cracked and itchy, I had to shower every morning just so I could walk, and I couldn't even open a bottle of pop, I still can't now, and again, I was given some steroid tablets and told it was eczema. I demanded to see a dermatologist, after another two appointments, I was finally referred. I waited at least 12 weeks to get a letter from the hospital, and when I didn't, it was just to say that I need to ring up to make an appointment. Once an appointment was made, I think I had to wait at least another two months.

Until then I tried to find some creams myself that would help me cope until then, I used aveeno cream, glove in a bottle, worse cotton gloves and socks at night after smothering my hands and feet in creams, and more.

The day came that I was meeting my dermatologist, I was super nervous.. She was so lovely, very out going and willing to help me. She asked me if it was Psoriasis, of course I said no as it was eczema, she was certain it was Psoriasis, she felt so bad for me, she took bits of my skin and photos of my hands and feet and sent me away with a few creams and acid that would burn the skin.

This was two months ago and since then my skin has massively improved. My feet are getting better and I can use my hands, they are still dry and still get a bit sore, but they are not as bad as they used to be.

Even though my skin is getting better slowly, my joints are aching, such as my knees, hands and ankles. Some of the treatments involve anti inflammatory tablets, and injections. It is one thing after another.

I am trying the sunbeds to see if there is any improvement in my skin, I am really willing to try anything.
This is my story so far, I am planning on logging my journey with Psoriasis to show you any improvements.
I used to be scared to show off my skin because people do like to stare, and make comments and ask me what it is with no shame what so ever, but I don't care anymore.


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