Summer must haves

From clothes to nail polishes, and front sandals to hair accessories, summer is the best time to go that extra mile and to try out bold and funky colours..
I am going abroad with the girls in July so over the past few weeks I have been looking at clothes to buy, I have come across a lot of amazing pieces that I just feel like I need to share with you all..

I am going to start small with accessories and work my way up, I feel like H&M are amazing for quirky pieces of jewellery such as earrings and rings.
Can you believe that these earrings are only £8.99 for 12 pairs! How good is that? Bargain. The designs are super cute and summery, and the pineapple ones? well they are just fab!
The bangle is also from H&M and is only £6.99! Again, sticking with the ''leafy'' theme, its so quirky but simple at the same time, perfect to wear during the day, and you can also use it to dress up a dress for the nighttime.
A lot of you may be aware of the flower crowns that were popular last summer? well I actually hated them, I just didn't think that they would suit me so I developed an unhealthy hate relationship with them, but I do love flowers so I have been looking for an alternative!
Accessorize does a lot of cute floral clips! They come in packs of three or four and they are all different which is what I love! I feel like they would make a simple hair style, and for just £10 you can't go wrong!
This over the shoulder bag is from Zara, it's £29.99, but so worth it for the price, the stitching and bead work on it is breathtaking, you would really fit in abroad with this bag.
Boohoo do really nice summer dresses for such good prices! I like something plain and simple so I can dress it up with accessories! I found this dress on boohoo, it's pretty and suitable for both daytime and nighttime. It was only £12 too! They also have them in black, red and green.
Now it's time shoes! Good old Primark has saved the day! Primark has really upped their summer game this year with clothes and shoes. These were only £8 and I feel like they would go perfect with the bag.
Thank you for reading this post and I hope it has given you some sort of inspiration! xxxx


  1. Wow all of these are so cute, perfect accessories for summer! Accessorize is my favourite shop, I could browse there all day haha :D your blog is so pretty, following on GFC! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)


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