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Thank you for the nomination BookFullBlog

11 Facts About Me!

1) I am half Welsh, half Irish!

2) Even though I seem confident, until I get to know you and gain your trust, I hold myself back.

3) I suffer from arthritis at the age of 20 (yay)

4) I am a Morris dancer and have been dancing since the age of around 4!

5) Music is my passion and I love any type, pop, hip hop, rock, odd classical too!

6) I have been with my boyfriend since we were 15, aww

7) Blogging is my fave thing to do and I have been blogging for over three years now!

8) I have a diploma in Art & Design

9) I'm off to university in September to study Early Childhood Studies

10) I want to be a primary school teacher

11) My dad lives in Dubai

11 questions from bookfullblog!

  1. What is your favourite food? CHICKEN! Chicken anything, either with sweet chilli or BBQ sauce! 
  2. What is your favourite thing about the blogging community? Everyone is so nice. I have made a tone of life long friends.
  3. Have you been to any blogger events? If no, would you want to, if yes, how was it? I haven't :-( I would really love to go! I live in north wales and I find there isn't many events near my area!
  4. What is your favourite hobby? (apart from blogging) Morris dancing!!
  5. Why do you blog about what you blog about? (e.g. lifestyle, beauty, mental health etc) I blog about beauty mostly, but I have included a few personal posts on my blog
  6. Favourite childhood memory? Probably going on family holidays and dancing weekend aways for championships
  7. Top three TV Shows? Oh godddddd! Big Bang theory! The Goulbergs! Simpsons!
  8. Top three books? All the Harry Potters! I love twilight books and also Zoellas girl online 
  9. What motivated you to start blogging? I wanted to be different, i only know a few bloggers in my town! 
  10. Do you have any siblings? I have one little sister who is 6 :-)
  11. What are you going to do after you have written this blog? Probably watch some YouTube videos! I need a new skincare routine so need some advice!

11 questions from me!

1) What is your favourite city and why?
2) How did you feel when writing your first blog post?
3) How do you overcome negative feedback? (Constructive criticism)
4) Would you ever start making YouTube videos?
5) How many countries have you been to?
6) Have you made any friends in the blogger community?
7) What advice would you give to a new blogger?
8) Blogger or wordpress?
9) What type of blog do you write?
10) Do your friends know that you blog?
11) Have you ever met anyone famous?

Thank you for reading! I will now nominate all of my blogger friends to do this💗

Reag, xxx


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