Living with arthritis

By reading the title, I bet you're thinking "you're too young to have arthritis" well, that's where you're 100% incorrect. There is no minimum age for arthritis. If you're going to get it, then you're going to get it.
Mine is called Psoratic Arthritis, this is because I have psoriasis, which is a skin condition, the arthritis is like its sister. Only 30% of Psorasis sufferers actually get the Psoratic arthritis, the other 70% are very lucky.

Being a 20 year old with arthritis is hard. There are a lot of things that I cannot do, well, a lot of things Iv recently discovered that I cannot do.
It takes me a good while to get out of bed in the mornings, not just because I'm in pain, but because my body can't be bothered to put in the amount of effort it actually takes me to roll out of bed.
Stairs are one of my biggest fears, they're a daily struggle, I recently went on holiday and we went to a water park, I couldn't go on any of the slides simply because I couldn't walk up them. That takes me onto another thing, sitting down on the floor is a no go. I physically cannot bend my knees enough to sit on the floor. Once I fell out of bed and cried in frustration because I couldn't get up, so things like camping are out of the question.

I just want people to know that arthritis is an chronic illness and not all illnesses are visible. I am not lazy if I choose to get the bus instead of walking, or taking a lift instead of using the stairs.

There are treatments available, which include anti inflammatory tablets (which I cannot take due to having asthma) so I am currently using gels. If they continue to worsen then injections directly into the joints will be needed. Which I really do not want.

So please next time you see someone struggling to walk up the stairs, sit down, get something off the shelf or even carry a bag, please don't judge them and think that they are lazy, because they could be fighting an invisible battle that you have no idea about.


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