August favourites

That's it, were finally in September.. Although September is still classed as summer, you can't enjoy summer whilst going back to school, college and work.
Throughout August, I have been loving a few things, I haven't made many purchases as I am saving for university ect.. But the things I have managed to buy, I have been really happy about and need to share them with you guys!

1) Directions hair dye in turquoise - If you follow me on Instagram then you would of noticed that I have dip dyed my hair turquoise! It was a crazy and spur of the moment ''kinda thing''. Once I have an idea in my head, I have to do it!
The dyes cost around £4-£5 depending on whether you buy it online or in a shop, they are super easy to use and you only need to leave them on your hair for 15 minutes. They have soooo many different wacky colours to fit everyone.

2) Benefit dandelion blush - I have had this for over a year now, it was a gift from my friend for my birthday, but Iv found this month that I have been really loving it. As it's summer, everyone goes a bit overboard with the bronzer, so you need a suttle blush to match. This one is perfect! It smells amazing and looks so pretty on the skin. I like the fact that it is also build-able.

3) NYX setting spray (dewy) - I have been getting really dry skin lately so I have been trying to stay away from matte skin products. So I purchase a dewy setting spray. I have to say that it is the best setting spray I have ever used. It makes my make up stay on all day and makes my skin look so dewy and hydrated.

4) Beauticology Strawberry & Pomegranate candle - My mum bought me this as a present whilst I was really poorly, I have only lit it the once but It made my room smell so fresh and fruity. You can get them in other scents too! I never new Baylis and Harding did candles!

5) Morphe 35om pallet - I actually bought this second hand off a lovely lady on Facebook. It is my first ever Morphe pallet and I have fallen in love with it, It is such an autumnal themed pallet and the pigmentation is unreal! I neeeeed to buy more! The pallet itself is so lightweight so it is quite easy to travel around with if you are a make up artist and need to travel with quite a few things.

6) Bobbi Brown bronzer - This bronzer is in the shade stonestreet, my boyfriend bought it me for Christmas either last year or the year before, because summer is a time to be bronzed up I found this one perfect as it is not too orange so you don't end up looking like one of the umpa lumpas. It is a matte shade so it has no shimmer to it which is not what I would usually go for in a bronzer, but this one really worked well with my skin.

7) KIKO waterproof mascara - I have had this for over a year now, I bought it in the Kiko store last year in Barcelona. I had forgotten about it until this month. It made my lashes look so long yet natural as it doesn't make them clump together. It is really waterproof as it is a nightmare to get off but when you get watery eyes like me, you don't mind!

8) Eyeko Brow Gel - My mum gave me this as she doesn't use eye brow gel, she got it in a magazine this month. The only brow gel I usually use is the benefit clear brow gel just to keep them in place. This one is tinted so it's brown, I LOVE IT. My brows look so fleeky after using this and it lasts all day! I have also tried it on its own and it still made my brows look good! Cara Delevigne eat your heart out.

So that's a list of things that I have been super loving this month! I wonder what next month will bring!


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