New arrival..

So, the weekend just gone has been very random.. I ended up adopting a beautiful pug called Daisy from a rescue centre located in Holywell. She's 5 and a half years old so she's quite a big chunky pug but she's a pure beauty! 

The rescue centre was really helpful, they provided me with lots of background information about Daisy, they gave her all her needles, worming and flea stuff. All the animals there are really cared for.

I stuck with the name Daisy as that's what she is used to and it's not fair to change her name and confuse her. She loveeeeees puggles (pug cuddles) and won't say no to a treat! 

My dog Bernie and my nan and grandads dog gizmo love her. I can't believe how well they are all getting along.

Daisy loves her new home, I'll keep you all updated on Daisy time with me, I'm sure we'll get up to lots of fun and mischief 💗🐶


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