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As some of you may know, I have bee quite poorly for the past few months, which has resulted in me being on a lot of different medication, one being B12 injections once every three months. The injections has completely damaged my skin which spots across my forehead and chin! I never suffer with spots and I have always had good, clear and combination skin. Since these injections I wake up to painful spots every morning and the oiliest face ever!

I thought I could change my skincare routine and products to improve my skin, which to be honest, it has. My skin is far from clear and spot free but the products I have been using has made a difference.

1) Garnier rose water - This is amazing, one of my friends recommended this to me on the BeautyShip, so I went out to buy it. I have been using it every night to remove my make up and in the mornings to ''freshen'' up my skin. It smells so soft and fresh.
2) Soap & Glory cleanser - I have mentioned this in my skincare routine before, I stopped using it for a while as I was using the simple cleanser. I have recently started to use it again to make sure all of my make up is completely removed.
3) Avon exfoliate - I'm not one for exfoliating my face, but recently I have been using a black head minimising exfoliate from the Avon. It has decreased my black heads a lot!
4) No7 Hot cloth cleanser - I bought this last month from boots, I had never used a hot cloth cleanser before so it was all new to me. My skin felt so clean and soft after using it.
5) No7 intense day time moisturiser - Again, I have probably mentioned this before. I do not use it everyday and my skin is rather sensitive so I usually use aveeno as my daily moisturiser.
6) Lush Cupcake face mask - Lush face masks are new to me, before last week, I have never used one before. I chose cupcake as it stated that it was for teenage and oily skin, which is what my skin is going through. I have used it three times and it has dried out my spots, reduced oiliness and redness! Winner!!!

Overall, my skin is slowly getting better, but if you have any recommendations of what to try next, then please let me know in the comments! xxxxxx


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