My PICC and what it is.

I thought I would make this post as a lot of people have been asking why I have a tube sticking out of my arm, what is it and if I am OK.

Last week I have a PICC line inserted. People usually have them when they are undergoing long term treatment such as chemotherapy, mine isn't for that. 
I was diagnosed with something called Scleroderma, this is when my immune system basically attacks the connective tissue under my skin which thickens my skin and damages my blood vessels which makes it very hard for me to give blood normally (Through a needle from my arm or hand).
Polymyositis is another disease I have, the treatment for this lowers my blood count so my bloods need to constantly be monitored, but because of the Scleroderma no doctor or nurse can ever get my blood.
So, my professor made the decision that I would have a PICC line to make it easier as it is not nice being stabbed numerous times, to not be able to get any blood.

Last week I went through the procedure which took around an hour (I was awake but completely numb). It was very straight forward and had no complications which was a first for me.
The nurses who done it were so lovely and chatted with me and made me laugh throughout it all.

I have to get my PICC flushed once a week as there is more of a chance of me getting blood clots as I have a tube going through the main artery to by my heart, so there if I do have any clots then they do not pass through as easy, so it is very important this stays clean and free from infections. I also have to stay away from anyone who is ill, just in case I catch it and I can become severely poorly.

PICC lines can stay in for up to six years, hopefully mine is not in for that long as it is a mission trying to shower and wash my hair without getting it wet!

I hope this explains what a PICC line is without freaking you out as I have had some awkward responses when I try to explain to people what it is..
Basically my immune system hates me and it attacks me which causes me to be poorly, fun. 


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