Kiko Hydra Pro Day moisturiser review

Kiko is a fairy new brand to me.. I discovered it when I was in Barcelona back in 2016, before then I had never even heard of it and I'm quite shocked considering how popular it is! I must of been living under a rock. I do have to put it out there.. I feel like Kiko is very similar to MAC but a lot more affordable!

As you know I suffer with psoriasis and eczema so to find a facial product that will not aggravate my skin problems has proven to be a difficult task. Until now. I bought this moisturiser in Manchester when I went away for the weekend just before Christmas, Kiko had a lot of offers on! I think I paid around £15 for it.

The moisturiser that I picked up was the day cream - Hydra Pro Day, this means that it keeps your skin hydrated all day, and it really does!
It has SPF 15 in it too so you won't have to worry about applying any sun-cream on as well, win win!
Like I said, I purchased this product before Christmas and it in still three quarters full. A little goes a long way so this is going to last me months, probably until next Christmas as my skin gets better in the summer so I won't have to apply as much.

It has a lovely fresh scent to it but it's not overpowering or too strong and perfumed so it will not sting your skin, I have had a few moisturisers that have disagreed with my skin just because they are too perfumed.

I suffer with a lot of spots due to my medication but since using this product I only ever get the odd spot and that's usually when mother nature has come to visit so I'm really pleased with what it has done to my skin as it was getting me so down.

The packaging for this product is just beautiful, it looks clean and fresh, the information is easy to read also. It is quite heavy which makes me feel like the packaging is not cheap and there is a lot of product in it.

Kiko - Hyrda Pro Day cream.


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