Decleor Skincare Review

Throughout life, you will tackle some of the hardest battles and your skin will show that.
If you're a smoker, it will have an affect on your skin, if you stress, your most likely to come out in break outs. If you sit in the sun or use sunbeds then your skin will become thin.
We often take our skin for granted because were too busy with looking after children, work commitments or just genuinely not understanding your skin.

I have tried a lot of skincare products, some have been amazing and some have be plain awful.
A brand that I have always loved is Decleor, do not get me wrong, it is not cheap but the results reflects on the price.

I managed to bag myself some testers of a cleanser, toner and moisturiser because I have been really struggling with my oily skin at the moment and a few break outs on my forehead and chin. I am currently on B12 injections so that makes my skin more oily than what it usually is, so I thought I would give Decleor a try.

This product is soooo lightweight. It feels so soft on my skin even though it is breaking down the makeup that is on my skin. You do not need a lot of product to get the full works from this cleanser. My skin felt really clean after using this. I use this product to double cleanse, a lot of people use two different cleansers but I find that to irritate my skin so I have just stuck to the same cleanser to remove makeup and then to deep cleanse.

I am still unsure of this product. I have never really understood toners as I can never really tell a difference in my skin. To use this I would wet a cotton pad and apply a small amount onto the cotton pad and gently glide it along my face upwards. 
Whenever I have used a toner I have found them to sting my face, I am unsure if it is because I am not watering down the product enough when applying it onto a cotton pad but this Decleor one has not irritated my skin what so ever. So, those of you with sensitive skin, this product would be perfect for you!

This has to be my new holy grail product. You need such a small amount to cover your whole face which is great as like I have previously stated, these products are not on the cheap side so you want them to last you a good amount of time.
My skin feels as soft as cotton every time I use this moisturiser. It does not make my skin oily which is a big problem when I use other moisturisers.

On a whole I would give this set an 9/10. My skin has improved drastically after using them. Would 100% recommend.
Usually I would choose cheaper products for my face but I have never been 100% satisfied with the products. Considering I am super happy with this Decleor set, I do not mind paying a bit extra to have nice skin.


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