Soaking up that vitamin D

Some of you may know that I live in a country called Wales, North Wales to be precise. We don’t get much sun but when we do it’s unbearable because we are not used to it so I spend most of our sunny days hiding from it, also having Irish skin does not help!

I have not long came back from the beautiful country, Spain. We were really lucky with the weather because the weather forecast told us that it would rain the majority of the time we were there. Luckily for us, it didn’t rain once. Some days it reached up to 27 degrees. That’s pretty good considering we were in the middle of April.

Because I was only there because I paid for myself to be there, I had to make the most of the sun. It was the best thing I did, my skin was glowing, my psoriasis improved and my hair brightened. Overall the vitamin D did me good. Cocktails were flowing and it was just a generally good time with my closest friends.

The sea was amazing, quite cold but it did my skin wonders. I find the salted sea and the sand to be the best natural exfoliant you can get. If you live by an ocean then I definitely recommend having a visit, especially now because we are so fortunate to have such beautiful weather.


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