Are Barry M glitter polishes really worth it?

I loveeeee a good glitter polish, I have tried many glitter polishes which haven’t impressed me as much as Barry M polishes do. This brands polishes are my favourite anyway, so when I tried their glitter range I had high expectations.
I was actually shocked when researching more about this brand, I didn’t realise they have been around since 1982! Waaaay older than me.

I don’t use them on their own, I always have a colour polish underneath, I usually have the glitter on that popular ring finger, which is called a statement nail.
So if you’re wanting to try out a new brand of polish, wether that’s matte, glitter, gel, or just normal, I really recommend Barry M! It’s such an affordable brand and the addiction is unreal. I have soooo many different polishes from the brand which are all different finishes. 


  1. I love Barry M Nail polishes! They’re amazing! Xxx


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