Top tips for visiting Orlando, Florida

I have recently got back from the most magical place on Earth, Florida! Obviously we did the standard Disney and Universal parks as it’s an absolute must! 
We were first timers so I had an open mind about this holiday and have been collecting tips and information from various different sources such as YouTube, Facebook groups and from talking to people who have previously visited.

I have put together a range of different tips that I think some people will find beneficial because I did when I was researching about Florida, Disney etc. So here goes..

  • Hiring a car is not essential. Me and my partner are both 22 and the average age to hire a car in America is around 25 otherwise you will have to spend a lot of money. We figured that it would cost €1500 just for one week. Majority of travel companies include hire cars but it does depend on the age. 
  • We had to use a company called Lyft, kind of like Uber but a bit cheaper, it’s super easy to order one, just download the app & away you go. ALSO.... stay away from taxis as they run on meters so you end up paying double.
  • Disney Parks are very expensive for food and drink. A single coke was around €4.50 .. all cafes and food places at Disney offer free iced water and they also have multiple water fountains dotted around the parks so you can have a drink or fill your water bottle up even when you’re queueing for rides as if can be very hot and not all of the queue is shaded. I’m unsure if Universal offer free iced water.
  • If you want to watch happily ever after at Disney and you want a decent spot in front of the castle then you really need to get there early. On our first night we got there just as it started and we had to stand right at the back. The staff at Disney are very strict and they will make you go to the back so you cannot work your way to the front. On our last night we decided to go and wait 45 minutes before it started and it was already packed! It’s totally worth waiting for as it’s so magical and very emotional.
  • Once the fireworks finish at any of the parks, try and hold off for a little while so you don’t get caught up in all of the traffic. Parks are open a lot later than the times the fireworks finish so there’s actually no rush. I found it really stressful at first when trying to get from magic kingdom.. we were told that the shuttle busses are a lot more quicker than the monorail or the ferry, which is absolutely true, and they are free! 
  • In Orlando, you tend to do a lot of walking. Especially if you’re doing the theme parks, wether that’s Disney, Universal or Sea World. My advice to you is that If you need to rest then please rest. Don’t rely on your itinerary too much. You can always juggle it around. You will only get baggy and tired and it really isn’t fair on yourself or the people around you.
  • I’m in two minds about this tip. Go to the water parks in the mornings as it is most likely to rain in the afternoon meaning the slides etc will close, and you could be waiting around for up to two hours although the majority of people leave so when the Park reopens it’s more quiet! But, if you go in the morning, it will be a lot more busier than the afternoon. 
  • If you don’t like storms or rain then do not come in summer time as it rains everyday. It is also hurricane season so there is always the risk of that. Florida is a tropical country, hence why it does rain in the summer but it is absolutely boiling. 
  • If you see a family trying to take a family photo but one has to be out of the photo in order to take it, then please offer, they will really appreciate it and most likely offer to do the same for you. Florida is expensive and you want the photos as memories. 
I hope you will find these tips useful, if you also have any tips of your own then please comment below!


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